Update – July Release – Streamlined Fixture Setup

Another free update to your Club Vote Count service landed this past weekend, with an overhaul to the Fixture setup process.

Fixtures are, of course, pretty important in that they really drive the order in which the votes end up being counted in a live Vote Count.

There’s fixutres for every season, there’s many matches for every season, there’s dates, round numbers… sometimes the fixtures are the same across each grade, other times they’re different.

Well Club Vote Count just deployed an update letting you set up seasons and fixtures (with all the matches, clubs etc) in one simple screen – for all grades.


So log in again and have a look, or sign up now and check it out.

Adding matches is easy, seasons are record on the fly, and where each grade has the same draw, just copy them.

Check out the Quick Start Video here for a quick overview.