Update – January 2024 Release

Happy New Year from Club Vote Count.  Club Vote Count is celebrating 2024 with an exciting new release!

The latest update to Club Vote Count landed this week with a few significant new features.

CVC now caters for awards where votes are cast by multiple judges (Vote Cards) each round and a new freeform voting method has been introduced meaning Club Vote Count can now cater for any voting configuration you can dream up.

Multiple Judges (Vote Cards)

It is of course common, to hand out vote cards to several judges each game in order to gain a consistent read on the best players in each match.

If you run awards which involve multiple vote cards, per match, Club Vote Count now has you covered.

When configuring an Award, simply specify the number of judges (or Vote Cards) that will be submitted each round.


The Vote Count entry will facilitate each vote card, for each round.

Combining Votes

If that sounds a bit cumbersome to count, there’s another new feature to help streamline your Vote Count presentations – combining votes!

If you have multiple judges (vote cards) you may feel it drags things out a bit to step through each vote card, for each round for the entire season then combining Judge’s Votes is what you need.

This will combine all votes received per player, per round and present the votes round by round, even though those votes were received from multiple judges. You simply check the appropriate option in each award and the vote count replay feature takes care of the rest. (Don’t add them all up yourself – see Coming Soon for more features that will make these complex vote counts even easier in the near future.)

Freeform Votes

The sweet spot for Club Vote Count to date has been in ranked voting – i.e. 3 votes, 2 votes, 1 vote, (or 5 to 1 or whatever upper limit you needed).

However, the introduction of Freeform Voting gives you the ability to assign any number of votes to any player each round. This means, no voting scheme is off limits for Club Vote Count.

When Freeform Voting Awards are counted live, you enter the player name first, then how many votes they received.

When Freeform Voting Awards are replayed, (precounted votes are presented) all votes recorded are presented, round by round, from lowest to highest.


Coming Soon…

Keep an eye out for an upcoming enhancement that will facilitate quick vote entry for those not wishing to present Live Vote Counts. Quick vote entry will give you a streamlined experience in entering votes for complex vote counts involved multiple judges where votes will most likely be combined and “replayed” on the night.

This quick vote entry will also play nicely with a new multi-user option that is on the way, which will allow you to have different people responsible for different awards and or sections (grades) across the club / association.