Running a LIVE Vote Count is great theatre

Live Vote Counts

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Running a LIVE count adds so much value, excitement and intrigue to your annual best and fairest or MVP vote count night.

Even the Club Vote Count software can’t help though if you don’t have the votes ready.

At my home club, we love to play up the theatre of the votes arriving, “under lock and key” on vote count night.

Naturally, we do monitor throughout the year that votes are being submitted by captains across all four grades (that’s how our awards work) because you don’t want to be chasing up missed votes come vote count night.

So, part of the Saturday night rituals has become submitting the votes, into the Votes box, held securely behind the bar of course.

Captains are given enough preprinted vote sheets as part of their captain’s kit – with envelopes, labelled with each round.

This makes ensuring that we have sealed votes for each round, for each grade much easier.

It also adds to the theatre on vote count night, as the votes are delivered, usually by the biggest, scariest dude we can find in the club, always wearing sunglasses!