The Club Vote Count Journey

What is Club Vote Count?

Club Vote Count is an online vote tallying and presentation service for Sporting Clubs and Associations.

Local (grassroots) clubs, playing any sport where individual awards such as Best and Fairest or Most Valuable Player are presented, can sign up and use the service to help run their own special "night of nights" and give those awards the prestige and reverence they deserve.

A long history for a new service

Club Vote Count has its origins nearly 30 years ago, when the first incarnation of the software was used to count and present the Best and Fairest Award for the Geelong Football Club (Australian Rules Football) LIVE on stage at the first Cargi Greeves medal count that was open to the public! Quite an auspicious beginning.

The application has naturally evolved dramatically, as has the software industry in nearly 30 years since that event. The new online version is the 3rd complete redevelopment after nearly 15 years of use at a local cricket club and is now available, as an online service to any club, anywhere!

It's for the volunteers

Despite these lofty beginnings, Club Vote Count's mission is firmly focused on "Grassroots sporting clubs".

Our mission is to enable volunteer committee members of community clubs to put on an exciting show each year, and turn their awards nights into a show piece. 

Community clubs are invariably run by volunteers, and there is always prestige and reverence around these awards and the past players they are usually named after.

We want to help you take the Vote Count night from something only the players enjoy (and other tolerate) to a key date on your social calendar.

Many clubs try do this now, but how many hours do the volunteers need to put in, to prepare slideshows, or download software, or remember who last downloaded that software and where it is now? And how much does knowing that someone has counted these votes before, detract from the whole thing?

In the world of social media, can anyone who is not in the room follow your leaderboard from afar?

Solving all of the above issues, yet streamlining the set up work for volunteers and still delivering the capability to present an exciting, professional Award presentation, at a social event members will look forward to, is our ultimate goal.

Key Features

  • Streamline Set up - there has to be some, but entering player names into a list and the fixture for the season on a simple entry screen has to be easier than creating rounds and rounds worth of slides every year.
  • It gets easier each year - next year, you only add the new players. 
  • On the fly updates - if you do miss a player, it's a very simple on-the-fly change that you can make as you run the count.
  • Live Online Leaderboard - set up a code for your Vote Count and promote it on your socials - people can follow along from afar.
  • Honour boards - never lose your history when the "guy that ran it last year isn't on the committee anymore" - it's all here.
  • Set up as many awards as you like to cater for Men's and Women's teams, multiple grades/sections, juniors... whatever you have.
  • Nothing to download and install, and maintain. (I guess that's kind of the point of the internet right?!)
History of the Best Vote Count Software